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BnkPro- Invest In Thaosand Of Stocks Crypto Trading Aplication

Trade, invest, spend & send like a pro with instant access to thousands of stocks alongside robust financial services. BnkPro is a great alternative to the traditional online banking with advanced money management functionality. Seamlessly send and receive funds worldwide with no hidden fees in just a few taps.


Enjoy tailor-made screening tools to select investments that fit individual needs. Discover endless opportunities today, combine your personal finances and trading activities with a convenient all-in-one solution. 

- Thousands of global stocks: Nasdaq, Euronext and more

- Comprehensive stock details including real-time charts, investment news, fundamentals and estimates

- Real-time portfolio summary and performance analytics

- Easy-to-use screeners, personal watchlist and advanced filtering based on 80+ stock parameters 

- Platform solutions for desktop web & mobile

- Invest in different ways: Global stock market, ETF funds, and more!


Spend like a local anywhere in the world at leading FX rates with no hidden fees and global access to ATM withdrawals. With the BnkPro Mastercard debit card, you have direct access to your funds anytime, anywhere. Freeze and unfreeze cards as needed. Get access to instant transaction status updates within your UK financial account and receive notifications with our convenient app working as a mobile banking alternative.


Instantly open accounts in different currencies - choose from GBP, EUR or USD. Get your UK account number with international IBAN & BIC. Receive payments directly to your account from anywhere in the world. Set daily and monthly spending limits. Track your payment history, get real-time payment push notifications and generate account statements with your free IBAN account. Spend money, receive payments and send funds like a Pro!


BnkPro is a financial hub and advanced banking alternative where you can manage your deposits and financial needs. We have over 15 years of proven excellence and professionalism. Manage accounts, apply for new services, and perform a wide variety of financial transactions and investments, quickly and efficiently using your online BnkPro account. 


With our investment platform for stocks, you can use your BnkPro account to create your own portfolio, and monitor and manage your investments through a single app. Your personal finances are in safe hands. Dig into the rich world of global ETF trading, index (Dow Jones, S&P 500 index), UK shares and stocks. Trade US (Nasdaq, NYSE), UK-LSE, Germany (XETRA), France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands (Euronext) exchanges from a single account!


With BnkPro, versatile fund management services are complemented with an elegantly designed UK debit card, giving you direct access to your funds from any ATM. With an elegant look, the BnkPro card comes in a sleek and professional matte black design, that compliments your EU account. 

Save and Invest with one app! BnkPro isn’t a traditional debit card payment app with basic feature kit but an opportunity to save and earn out of sources you could have never thought of.

Looking for something more than just a casual bank account? BnkPro is a better alternative, the latest in the group’s expanding financial enterprise, providing professional financial services with flexible solutions, alongside digital investment platform facilities. Download our eWallet app today to gain more tomorrow!

Searching for money investment apps? Investments are an integrated feature within the BnkPro app, allowing you to trade and monitor your portfolio on the go.

With the BnkPro mastercard debit card, you have direct access to your funds anytime, anywhere.

BnkPro is part of a group of companies with 15 years of industry experience - sign up to and invest on-the-go!